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Empowering Tomorrow's Innovators: A First-Time Youth in Tech Maker's Journey at the Maker Fa

Stepping into the dynamic world of technology and innovation as a first-time youth maker at the Maker Faire sponsored by Gearbox Labs at Discovery World in Milwaukee, WI, on November 4-5, 2023, was nothing short of a transformative experience. The Gearbox Labs team, with their warm hospitality and support, not only made me feel welcomed but also seamlessly integrated me into the vibrant maker community.

Learn More -> From the get-go, the Gearbox Labs team went above and beyond to ensure my Maker Faire journey was smooth and enjoyable. Their friendliness and support were evident as they guided me to my vendor spot and generously provided a cord for my PC setup during the event. Their thoughtful gestures made the entire experience stress-free and allowed me to focus on showcasing my technology project. Reflecting on my journey, it was surreal to think that just a year ago, I attended the Maker Faire as a curious observer. Fast forward to this year, and I found myself not just attending but actively participating as a maker, sharing my passion for technology with the community. It was a realization of a dream that seemed distant just a short time ago. One of the standout moments at the Maker Faire was being interviewed by the FIRST FLL Team #52453, "I Am Up To No Good." Their engaging questions about their video game project allowed me to share my Drone Simulator project and the exciting new DJI Videography service I've been working on. It was a delightful exchange of ideas and inspiration within the maker community. Another memorable encounter was with the Wick family, who shared their experiences in cameras and real estate. This conversation opened up new possibilities for my technology business services, as I discussed my customized graphic card controlling drones and my interest in using DJI videography and landscape photography for real estate shots. Their insights inspired me to dive deeper into research and development, making connections in various industries. Witnessing the excitement on everyone's faces, across all age groups, as they interacted with my drone simulator was truly rewarding. For many, it was their first time flying a drone, and the joy and enthusiasm were tangible. These interactions not only made the Maker Faire a memorable event but also fueled my passion to continue exploring and innovating in the world of technology. As I reflect on the Maker Faire experience, I am filled with gratitude for Gearbox Labs Team, Peter, Isabel, Discovery World, Northwestern Mutual, and the entire team who coordinated this incredible event. The impact of this experience is immeasurable, and I eagerly anticipate next year's event, eager to continue contributing to the ever-evolving tapestry of innovation. A high five to everyone involved in making the 2023 Maker Faire a resounding success!



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